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Hướng dẫn block port trên Firewall Windows Server


Click “Start | Control Panel | System and Security | Windows Firewall.” Click USE recommended setting.(image 1)

Select “Advanced Settings.” Click “Inbound Rules” to block an inbound port; click “Outbound Rules” to block an outbound port. (image 2)

Select “New Rule.” Choose “Port” from the options and then click “Next.”(image 3)

Choose “TCP” , depending on which protocol the port uses. Click “Specific Local Ports.”(image 4)

Enter the port number or numbers into the available field (e.g., “1723”). Click “Next.”(image 5)

Click “Block the Connection,” then “Next.” Choose public, private and domain – the rule applies to and then click “Next.”(image 6)

Create a name for the rule and enter an optional description. Click “Finish” to block the ports on the computer.